This is a test site. I have had to move my Williamglea.com site to another Host provider to see if the problem I have been having with the ZIF Zoomify viewer is related to the Host configuration or something deeper in the js code. My previous HOST seems to have lost all it's skilled support staff. There is no real content on this sight just test data for the Zomify viewer. I am looking at both the static performance and the performance as a Drupal module. The static test is merely the viewer features file uploaded and linked to statically. It has both tile files and the ZIF format.

This is a Tour With Audio

This is a replication of the Zoomify viewer feature example Tour with audio. From the last example I found that the XML file paths are most specific. All the URL's must be complete and it appears that tghey must start with WWW as in http://WWW.will... But more testing is needed.

Small Image Overview of the Zoomifyed Image: 

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