Grid Schmid

After considerable thought I have decided to abandon the quest for a 3d grid solution to allow inspection of the panorama in progress. It seems that I can almost make it work but i am having difficu;lty wrapping my mind around the various bitmap entitys and the grids I find on the net. I finally came the the relizatiion that the grid representation would be too small to be usefull.

Grid Walkinjg -- Bitmap madness

Well I have spent a week playing with the "Ultimate Grid" it works fine. Does everything I need and more. I was lucky to find it. The real problem i had was with my test program. I was generating a bit map file by low level manipulations and repeatedly writing it to a file. All was well untill I tried to writte it to the Grid. The grid wants a CBitmap. Apparently it can be tricky geting from a bitmap file to a properly formatted CBitmap. It all sound so simple reading the Docs. Well its not.

Grid Madness

I have completed the scheduler section of the program and have it now manipulating the shooting file. I have the file commanding the cmera and the scope mount. Well I'm using the Nst simulator from ASCOM and have not hooked up the minitower yet. For some strande reason the ordinary ASCOM simulator does not work reliably. I was'nt able to determine just why. All that remains now is toget the Grid working. That is prooving to be quite a task. I finally found a Code Project system whic seems to do everythinhg I need.

Shooting Order - Patterns Paterns Oh the Improbability

When I began to contemplate this version of my program I wondered if the pattern in which the panorama was shot had any photographic effect. Should some parts of the image be finished first? How to deal with layers where several exposures were taken at the same location? I was able to reject shooting each layer separately. Shooting each layer separately means you have to reset the Lens position for each layer. If yore shooting 3 layer you will have to run the mount 3 time.

Exposure Control

I got the exposure control monster finished a couple of days age. So now I canselect sets of Exposures systematically or at random. In the first prototype of the program I hit upon the idea of selecting sets of exposures - from 1 to 11 images with the Idea that I would be able to shoot HDR brackets. I Provided for adjustment of the number of bracket levels and the distance between the levels. It gets complicated because I chose to limit exposures to those provided by the camera. In the casew of the EOS 7D you have 55 levels.

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