This a test of The Silent Tour

Preconfigured commands:
Combine commands returned field 3 as:
XML Mode setto:1
entering swithc with mode 1
Mode was: 1 in switch(1)
in switch(1) field_2_uri set to:public://zifimage/zoomifyimageexample.zif
in swithc(1) field_2_url set to:
in switch(1) Field 2=
in Switch(1) XML_url was set to:
in switch(1)field_3 was empty setto:zTourPath=
Field 1 was set to: Zoomify_viewer
Field 2 was set to:
Field 3 was set to: zTourPath=
Image located calc height and width
Calcfrom Image>>Image Height was: 1500, Image width was: 1000
Empty Branch max height: 600, max width: 800
Width set to: 800
Height was set to: 600
field_3 was not empty : zTourPath=
field_3 was set to:zSkinPath=

This is a virtual tour test with only one hotspot. The jpg is 1.57 meg while the ZIF file is 2 meg. So there does not appear to be much difference in size...

Image in ZIF Format: