This is a test of Zifimage with a big panorama (~15000 px)

Preconfigured commands:
Combine commands returned field 3 as:
XML Type not defind or empty mode set to 0
entering swithc with mode 0
Mode was: 0
Field 1 was set to: Zoomify_viewer
Field 2 was set to:
Field 3 was set to:
Image located calc height and width
Calcfrom Image>>Image Height was: 267, Image width was: 1024
Empty Branch max height: 600, max width: 800
Width set to: 800
Height was set to: 600
Field_3 was empty and set to:zSkinPath=

This is a larger panorama of the Tulsa Municipal Garden. It was the Municipal Rose Garden untill the rose virus killed all the roses. It's being replanted now under new supervision but it's still a dim shadow of what it once was. I have photographed it extensively. Maybe I will post some comparative images. Later when I get the slide show/gallery working. The overview image is 399K while the zif is 84.85 megabytes.

Image in ZIF Format: