This is a test site. I have had to move my Williamglea.com site to another Host provider to see if the problem I have been having with the ZIF Zoomify viewer is related to the Host configuration or something deeper in the js code. My previous HOST seems to have lost all it's skilled support staff. There is no real content on this sight just test data for the Zomify viewer. I am looking at both the static performance and the performance as a Drupal module. The static test is merely the viewer features file uploaded and linked to statically. It has both tile files and the ZIF format. I have set it up to test the performance of the viewer outside the Drupal site management system. The TestZif menu will link to a test program that allows inspection of a zif file. Two files will be examined: The first is a default file while the second is called woodland14000.zif and is a 14000 px panorama of Woodland Hills Park at Tulsa's municipal Rose garden. Well I suppose its not the Rose garde any more since the rose virus decimated iit...

Because this is a TEST sight the Images will have a lot of debugging code that prints out various internal variables. Shortly all this will go away. I ask for your patience. I have already made the assumption that the problems I have had with my old HOST are due to my multi-site configuration. So now I need to check that out.

For this test the ZIF file is 36 megabytes.

You can see that all the tests work. Unfortunately it appears necessary to give thew entire URL starting with http://williamglea.com/ otherwise the files are not found.