Replacement Module For Zoomify module

I have completed the overall coding for the module which I have named the "zifimage" module.  It does not support all the functionality of the zoomify viewer but at leas It supports 8 seterate configurations.Single ImageDestinationsSlidesComparisonsAnimations HotspotsIn short any thing that can be done with XML files and the basic HTML commnds.  Some additional functionality is lost but to expand the coverage to allow complete access would require the provision for the ability to add custom HTML which is beyond my planned scope of design.  This is not a great loss however and I think I can

Zoomify Operating Modes and XML file types

In working with the Zoomify viewer there is no unified approach to the system. You have to reverse engineer the operation by inspection of the 70 or so examples they give and their cryptic texts. This writing is an attempt at deriving some basic schemes of operation from the supplied material. I began my research with the Z commands. One of the control mechanisms is to pass the viewer a string of commands thru the HTML code. They all start with the letter 'z' hence I call them the “Z” commands. There are ovr 200 of them.

My Projects

You will find I have some major projects here:

  1. Writing a Drupal 7 module to replace the old zoomify module
  2. Writing Code to Run a robotic Panorama Generator based on a Cube Non Equitorial Telescope Mount
  3. Macro Photography of Flower Blossums
  4. Stop action Photographs of Polo Games

Since this is a non profit site don't expect perfection or stability. My posts are closer to rants as I fight my way through all this stuff.

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