About Me

I am a retired engineer who has spent most of his career in the Oil and Gas Industry. Now that I am retired I plan on spending the rest of my ac tive life making art. Well I call it art. I have been an avid photogra[her from my youth - with an interest in night and panoramic photography.

I have a small sole Proprietorship whih I use for sales mainly wholesale. I gave up retail sales the OTC websiet didn't work and they would not fix it. If you like an image on the site feel free to contact me and I can get you an appropriatly sized print for a reasonabl cost. You shoould know that the images on the site are scaled down for the web and will not print well. So dont bother stealing them. It's a waste of time and efort.

You are probably as sick of the leagal stuff comming out of Europe. To be clear for visitoprs I only colect log informatikon per A2hosting requirements. I have NO controle over it. In my book the only use I will make is to ban you from the site. Usually for cause. Right to be forgotter? You don't have it. Once banned Always baned. The European Union can Go Pound Sand!

So enjoy the pictures or any other rants I may post(this is my rant site). Don't spam my site or violate my copyright and all will be well .