Replacement Module For Zoomify module

I have completed the overall coding for the module which I have named the "zifimage" module.  It does not support all the functionality of the zoomify viewer but at leas It supports 8 seterate configurations.Single ImageDestinationsSlidesComparisonsAnimations HotspotsIn short any thing that can be done with XML files and the basic HTML commnds.  Some additional functionality is lost but to expand the coverage to allow complete access would require the provision for the ability to add custom HTML which is beyond my planned scope of design.  This is not a great loss however and I think I can stop at this point unless there is some interest. Yes, I dont use the best practices. If I am the only one interewsted in using the module I will not bother to clean it up further.Some pecularities are due to design decisions I made.  I have placed a number of File fields in individual directories by Node ID and file ID.  The problem with this is that your dont know these ID's untill the node is saved. The node is controlled by  XML files,  These files require full path references. I was never able to use relative paths correctly.  Because of the need to use URL's the XML file path references became long and onerious to type.  I decided to let the program keep track of the paths.  So instead of an XML control file I require that you submit a TXT file formatted internally as an XML file with all unique File names.  The module will build a list of file names and associated URL's on each save or update and rewrite the XML data with the propper file references. It requirese that the file names match EXACTLY!  Drupal has the hadit of changing filenames.  So when naming files be sure to just use simple names with no uppercase characters of spaces. Nothing that would cause a transliteration change.  If you dont the file locator wont work. Also do not leave spaces in the designation of the fiel name. MEDIA="file.zif" works MEDIA= "filename.zif" won't work. Yes I know its picky. The module is set up to alyaws have default values for essential variables.  If you want to set all the variables across the site go to the configure menue.  You can holwever set these variables on a per instance basis if needed.There are several versions of the viewer shipped with the program from Zoomfy.  The module will detect the availiabe viewers and allow their selection.  The size varies so I may be possible to affect page load times but I am not sure haw using different viewers will intract if agregation is turned on for the site.  Most of my work is with the Pro version. There is a free version but it is very limited in what it will support. As near as I can tell The free version has not been upgrded to V5. The free verfsion will only display tile files.  These are uploaded as a zip archive.  I was not originally goint to support the ZIP archive but there was abug in some of the V4 code which made it necessary and I found it fairly easy to do. So if all you want is a single Image display just use the free version and forget about all the other references. Almost all the fields are not required. The only exception is the Main image.  If it's not there the themefunction will not be called and even if the entry is not used the program will fail.  Well that is a bit obtuse so let me ive you an example. Compatison images are passed through the XL files. Mhe main image reference Is innored. But It has to be here for Drupal to call the Theme function and display the node im agery.A teaser Image is available but can be ommited.For any mode of operation which requires multiple images these are input un the AUX fiels set. THis goes for Txt-XML fles as well as Images, hotspots,audio clips ext,